Online Services

Website setup- In order to have a website you must have a URL(a web address) then you need a place to host your website.  We can help you choose and purchase an appropriate URL, and we can host your website.

Website design– We can create your website including website layout, content production, and graphics.

We proudly use the WordPress platform to build your site.

Social media- Set up and/or reconfigure your social media for maximum results.

Email marketing- Build relationships and keep in touch with your website visitors and subscribers with newsletters, bulletins, and email marketing campaigns.

E-commerce- Sell your product online and accept payments.

Online Meetings- Collaborate with your team or customers by offering online meetings .You will be able to present using PowerPoint or by video. Recordings of the video can be shared.

Webinars- Sales or informational presentation online allowing you to charge customers and collect e-mail information with pre-registration.  Webinar can be voice or video, use PowerPoint, and recordings allow you to offer a replay of the event.